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Welcome to the first step on the path of your new beginning. Many of us struggle with stress, exhaustion, weight issues, and constant pain and aches. The solution lies within ourselves but sometimes we need help finding it. Dr. Sadie Sanders is here to provide you with that help. Stresses such as improper motion of the spine, termed a "subluxation," paired with inadequate nutrition and negative thoughts are at the root of chronic illness. Chiropractic adjustments complimented by nutrition and lifestyle modifications move people towards health and away from sickness and disease.

Once a "Non-Believer"

"I was doubtful when I first came to Dr. Sanders and she told me that my shoulder pain of over 6 years could be fixed. Because I am an avid surfer, skier, and play volleyball every week even in my 30's, pain used to find me regularly. Within the first visit, my shoulder felt extremely better and after a month of treatment I have no pain. Once a 'non-believer,' Dr. Sanders and her staff have proven the error of my ways."

- Ash H. -